Shipbuilding in a Bottle

an envelope




A wise man once told me, that "the best music is handmade. That it can be played live, in the living room, unplugged and without studio-trickery".

When we are writing a song, our goal is to create an atmosphere where anything is possible. Music has the power to change ideas and lift the emotions.


Open the envelope, there is a letter waiting for you. Is it a love story? Is it a story of growth and progress? You decide.

an envelope news

an envelope NEWS


We would like to introduce the two new faces who will be accompanying us in our journey from now on.

Let`s welcome Franziska and Robert!

With the new additions, there will be some changes and improvisation in our songs, for which we are really excited. Thank you for all your love, support and patience for so long. Now we will continue spreading joy and love back by delivering an envelope „Handcrafted Songs“


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"Emerald Canyon" - It is a song about dreaming together with the ones that you love.